Eliminate 99.95% Emissions

3nine mist eliminators

3nine oil mist eliminators use 150-year old “disk-stack” technology to deliver a high degree of air purification for processed air in a metalworking environment.

  • Fluid particulate in the mist is separated with Disc Stack technology to 99.9% down to 1 micron – without filters!
  • Air is ultimately cleaned to 99.95% with final stage H-13 grade HEPA filter.
  • Minimal maintenance – CIP (Clean in Place) automatically cleans the Disk Stack throughout the day to maintain separation efficiency.
  • Minimum filter changes – HEPA only collects particulate less than 1 micron in size. Average life expectancy 12 months, depending on the application.
  • 100% of the separated fluid is returned to the machine for reuse.
  • Clean & safe shop environment – Oily work surfaces, slippery floors, and fumes from evaporated oil mist are significantly cleaned up, reducing health and safety issues.
  • Flexible solutions – can be directly mounted onto the machine.
  • Large reduction in bio-hazardous waste

See how it works in the YouTube Video

Check out the 3nine Website Note: only Blue line Units are CSA approved and available for use in Canada.