About Us

About Us

Based out of Guelph, Ontario, Bar-Tech is a family owned and operated quality industrial tooling company, serving Southern Ontario for over 30 years! Anthony Biasuzzi founded Bar-Tech in 1991 after years of working as a skilled machinist.

Here at Bar-Tech we’re proud to maintain relationships and connections around the world. We carry unique lines of products to solve every one of our customers’ problems, adapting to the ever-changing market. Our salespeople have the high level machining backgrounds to ensure you receive the excellent support and experienced service you deserve .

Our Pillars

Cutting Edge – At Bar-Tech, we scour the world for new technologies and tools to bring to the North American market. This keeps us adaptable to your needs, as we’re always looking to innovate.

Quality Assurance – Our expert team has developed and reviewed quality assurance systems to guarantee product excellence and constant improvement of our services.

Family First – As a family-run company, we extend our Bartech family to our employees, suppliers, and clients alike, always providing outstanding care and service.

Our Affiliates

PolarChem – PolarChem Technologies is dedicated to providing the best metalworking and manufacturing fluids, including coolants, cleaners, de-rusting products, and other specialty products. 

EuroCarb – EuroCarb is an innovative manufacturer of end mills, so you can get your mills at great prices from a company you trust.

NexJen C-Thru Separator

A revolutionary, patented filtration and oil separation unit with the unique features of being transparent, compact, and able to hang from a machine via a magnetic base.  Learn More.

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