Deep hole drilling was first developed for the manufacturing of firearms, hence the name gundrilling. Originally a time-consuming and expensive process, technological advances have made it a highly efficient manufacturing process utilized in all metal cutting industries, including automotive, aircraft, aerospace, construction, medical, tool and die, petrol chemical, hydraulics, pneumatics and more. Gundrilling is an ideal solution for most deep hole and high precision drilling projects. This operation produces accurate, repeatable holes with excellent surface finishes.

Gundrills hold location to precise tolerances, are sized to exact specifications, produce burr-free holes and can be formed to produce specific shapes in blind holes and bottom forming with a minimum of machine adaptation. These systems can be easily integrated with CNC machining centers, lathes and milling machines for a relatively small investment, making it affordable for large or small shops with production requirements varying from one piece to hundreds of thousands. DME

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Fundamentals of Gundrilling on CNC

Gun Drill Whip

Machine considerations for Gun Drilling

Speed & Feed Chart

Universal Materials Chart

Unsupported Tool Length Chart